The Aroma of Christ

During my family’s five-year stay in Italy, I often wondered how much of an impact I had really made for Christ. I had made several attempts to share the Gospel with my Italian friends over the years and I always did my best to live out my faith around them, but I doubted if they even noticed. Italy is a Catholic country which, oddly, makes ministry ten times harder as they often Italians think they are saved just because their family is Catholic. Thus, with their thinking they were already good to go since they were members of the Church and my language barriers, my message just never seemed to penetrate their hearts.

However, on the one of the very last days of our time in Italy, one of my dear Italian friends came over for one last goodbye. With her, she brought a few small parting gifts and a letter, which she told me to read later on by myself. The letter was full of sweet things like how much she would miss me, but one thing really stood out to me. She wrote that she was inspired by my faith and my dedication to it and the way I lived it out everyday. That brought tears to my eyes. She had been listening after all.

This reminded me again of how sovereign our Lord is. He used my feeble attempts to share with my friends and broke through my many language mistakes to reveal Himself to my friends. Even when it feels like no one is listening or no one can even tell you’re different, they really are watching. Jesus will always shine through you if you let Him. Let me encourage you to live out your faith every single day and invest your time in others, even if it seems useless. God will work through you when you least expect it; don’t let your years as missionary kids slip away from you. Take advantage of your time now and shine for Jesus!

“For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing…” -2 Corinthians 2:15


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