Responding to God’s Provision

What do you do when God provides for you? If you’re like me, you probably get excited, thank Him, and then forget about it. But that’s not how He wants us to react. Well, then what does He want us to do? Psalm 105 tells exactly what to do.

In the first verse there’s already three things: give thanks, call upon God’s name, and make known His deeds. What next? Verse two says we are to sing praises to Him and, again, tell others about His works. Verse 4 says we are to seek His presence and strength continually. Verse 5 says we are to remember. And finally, verse 45 says we are to praise Him.

Let’s review:

1. Give thanks — write God a letter or a song telling Him how thankful you are

2. Call upon God’s name — continue to tell God about your need and call upon Him in time of need

3. Make known His deeds — tell all your friends and family about what God has done for you.

4. Sing praises to Him — change up your quiet time and think of a special way to praise God

5. Tell others about His works — Share with other MK girls what God has done in your life by writing us at

6. Seek His presence and strength continually — pray all day long and turn to your Bible in time of need. Tell Him when you get a good grade on your test, when your friend hurts you, when you’re thankful for His love, when you need comfort, etc.

7. Remember — don’t forget about what God does for you. Remember how He has been faithful to you and don’t let go of that. the verse also says to remember His judgments. Don’t forget God’s instruction and learn from His loving correction.

8. Praise Him — again, praise God for taking care of you and providing for you. Don’t say thanks and move on; really let Him know how thankful you are!

Take a minute and read Psalm 105. Then, make a list of all the ways God has provided for you this year and thank Him and praise Him for what He has done for you.



*Reprinted from Not of this World’s Facebook fan page.


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