More “What’s God Up To?”

In the June issue, “What’s God Up To?” featured Allison T., an MK from Costa Rica, whose family is in the process of adopting a little girl from Juarez, Mexico. Here’s more from Allison on what God is up to in her life…

Another fantastic episode in my MK journey was a few weeks ago, when I got to participate in a youth group event at an orphanage here in San Jose. My youth group was focusing on living Christian lives instead of just learning how to live. At the orphanage, we did a VBS program used in Latin America called Remi. It was exciting to see not only my friends having so much fun spreading God’s love, but to watch these neglected kids notice and want the joy of Jesus in us.

Some of the kid’s stories were incredible. One of the little girls must have been no older than 3, but was raped as a baby. She had to have very expensive surgeries and the parents just decided she was not worth it. Another little girl started crying when she saw my finger nails. She told me she had never had her nails painted because no one cared for her enough as an individual to bother with making her “pretty” as she said. She was 8 and, in my eyes, beautiful. If only she could see that. I watched a little boy with Down Syndrome get pushed around by the older boys. I scooped him up and hugged him and he smiled. I set him down and he ran to hug the boys who had tried to hurt him. Such astonishment in there faces showed as he asked them to pick him up.

Please pray for me and family. For our adoption process, language study, schooling, and language study. 

Check out the June issue here to read more about Allison.


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