20 Ways to Make Someone’s Day

1. Make dinner for a family with lots of little kids

2. Do your younger sibling’s least favorite chore

3. Leave an encouraging note for your dad in his briefcase

4. Make cookies for your neighbor

5. Complement your teacher

6. Surprise your mom with flowers

7. Send your grandma a long letter

8. Make a rainbow cake jar for a friend during finals

9. Make your own day and take a bubble bath with a long book!

10. Make God’s day and spend the afternoon reading His Word

11. Take your dog on a new route for his/her walk

12. Take your friend out to coffee and listen instead of talking

13. Babysit your pastor’s kids for free

14. Head over to one of Not of this World’s favorite blogs and leave an encouraging comment

15. Send an encouraging e-mail to someone who’s going through a tough time

16. Tell someone she’s beautiful

17. Offer to watch an expectant mother’s other kids so she can nap

18. Pray for and with your friend

19. Leave a fun voice message on your friend’s phone when you know she won’t answer

20. Remind the people you love how much you love them every day!


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