Mother’s Day Ideas

In case you haven’t already marked the date on your calendar, Mother’s Day is May 8th, which is only 5 days away! Here are some ideas to show your mom how much you love her:

1. Make a memory jar. Find a small, glass jar and fill it with pictures, notes, and mementos like tickets to a ballet you went to together or a picture you drew her when you were little. Add some fun ribbon and you have a unique, special gift that any mom would love!

2. Take your mom out to lunch. Plan a special day for just the two of you and treat her to lunch. Think of other fun things you could do together too, like window shopping, taking fun pictures, exploring a new part of town, ect.. She’d love spending the time with you and it will be a great way for you to get to know your mom better!

3. Make a photo book. Make a real scrapbook or use a website like Snapfish or Shutterfly to create a one of a kind book packed with fun pictures of you and your family.

4. Make her a special video. If you have a digital camera, you can easily record you, your other siblings, and any one else who wants to give your mom a special message. You probably have software on your computer (like iMovie if you have a mac) where you can quickly make a professional looking video for your mom. It will be something she’ll watch over and over again!

5. Give your mom a coupon for a photography session of the family. Using the internet you can find tons of cheap, excellent photographers who would take some great shots of your family. You could also find a friend who is good at taking pictures to create some lasting memories for your mom.

What are you doing for your mom on Mother’s Day?


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