The March Issue

The March issue is finally here!! Sorry for the delay…in the future the e-zine will probably always come out on the first weekend of the month, instead of on the first day.

In this issue, there are several articles taken from blogs. The first is Blue Skies by Katie Bearden and the second is Make 2011 a Year of Big Dreams: Writing Tips by C.J. Darlington. For more Katie click here and for more C.J. click here. If you’re an aspiring writer and want more tips, go to the Scribble Chicks, a blog by Christian authors for young writers.

Also, don’t forget about WGM Ministries! Click here to see the blog and don’t forget to check back here for the rest of the interview.

After checking out the e-zine, vote on your favorite article below!



One thought on “The March Issue

  1. I love this e-zine Courtney! I know, I’m not a MK, but I just have to read it! It looks so professional! The pictures are adorable and the articles are just perfect. 🙂

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