Plugged In

Imagine you want to use your curling iron to curl you hair. You twist your hair up and wait a few seconds then  you release it, expecting a beautiful curl. But your hair is still flat; nothing happened to it. You realize it’s because you forgot to plug it in. You plug it in and in seconds you have the curls you were looking for.

Why wouldn’t the curling iron work the first time? Why’d it work the second time? In both cases it was still a curling iron. It didn’t change. So what changed? Electricity. You have to plug in a curling iron for it to work. It won’t serve its purpose until you plug it in. The same goes for us. When I forget to read my Bible, pray, and “plug in” to God I’m still me, but I’m pretty useless. However, when I’m actively pursuing God and consistently reading my Bible and praying, God uses me. I’m able to serve my purpose. I’m plugging myself in to the most powerful current there is and when I do that things start to happen: transformation; hope; purpose; grace; joy; love.

Don’t pull the plug because you have too much homework or you don’t think it’ll make a difference. It does. In John 16:33 Jesus says that He’s already overcome the world. It takes real power to overcome our sinful world. Don’t unplug from that kind of power. Keep yourself plugged in and let God use you.




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