Snow Globe

{photo credit: michaela f.}

The village is a snow globe
Everything covered in a cold, wet blanket

The snowflakes like weightless pearls
Glimmering in the street lights
Dropping as if a necklace in the heavens broke
And the beads are now falling to the ground below

The white, untouched fields like a wedding dress
I wish I did not have to violate the scene
But since someone will eventually ruin it
It might as well be me

I look down on the town from my hilltop perch
I see the houses of the town
Like a child’s play set all laid out
Every one of them snoozing away
The only light coming from lamps along the road
Casting a yellow glow

Let us hope that when the globe is shaken again
It will settle to be this beautiful once more
Written by Michaela F.

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