Thanksgiving Evangelism

Thanksgiving is a great evangelistic tool! Whether you have lots of friends from your country or just a few take a step of faith and invite them over for a little Thanksgiving party. They’ll love the English practice (or you can do it in their language if you speak it well enough) and you can get into some great discussions. Here are some tips to make it a Thanksgiving they’ll never forget:

Food Make some of your favorite Thanksgiving day foods. Go through each food and explain it to them. Don’t worry if they don’t like it; they’ll still enjoy learning about it and trying it.

Games There are lots of fun games you could play with Thanksgiving words. Try teaching them some words and then play bingo with them. Use candy corn for bingo-markers. Or play pictionary, but instead of using generic words, draw what you’re thankful for this year. The possibilities are endless; get creative!

History Briefly explain the story of where the holiday originated. This could lead to some great discussion!

It might sound kind of scary, but be courageous and take a leap of faith. Just remember to talk slowly (if it’s in English) and have fun! Most importantly, seek God and He’ll bless your efforts!


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