How Will They Remember Me?

This summer I met three different people with three different personalities. But they all had three things in common: their evident love for Christ and His Word. Until recently, I didn’t read my Bible on a regular basis. Sometimes I forgot. Sometimes I pushed it to the back of my mind. Sometimes it was just too late. And sometimes I just looked at it and said no. I knew it was important but I wasn’t motivated. This summer changed that. The three people I met changed that.

The first of three (we’ll call him Blake) couldn’t get enough of God’s Word. In fact, every blank space in his New Testement was covered with notes. Each year he buys a new Bible because his old one is so full of notes.

The second of three (we’ll call her Mary) delighted in God’s Word. She got this huge smile on her face when she thought that this instant, next year, she’ll know more of God and His Word. In fact, she even is thinking about majoring in Greek or Hebrew so she can understand it better!

The third of three’s (we’ll call her Ellie) only desire is to know and glorify God more. She told me that recently she’s been wanting to spend more time with God than with her friends. How awesome is that?

These three people left a lasting mark on me. I now see the value of reading the Bible and how amazing it is. I also see what the result of eating up God’s Word looks like. Thanks to these three people.

It makes me wonder how people are remembering me. Did anyone meet me this summer and come away better for it? Or did they come away worse? What legacy did I leave with them? I don’t really like to think about that; it makes me feel a little uncomfortable because sometimes I’m not the nicest. Sometimes I don’t always have the best attitude. Sometimes I don’t leave a God-glorifying legacy. I want to leave one though. I want people to be better not because of me but because of God shining through me. I want to leave a legacy that’ll continue to glorify God long after I’m gone.

What kind of legacy are you leaving? When people hear your name, what comes to mind? Think about that while you listen to this song.


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