Food for Thought

“For me, it sometimes takes sitting on a rotten egg pile to realize my heart’s most piercing cry: I want love. I want something real. I’m tired of sugary imitations. I’m tired of buying the right clothes and driving the right car just to prove that I matter.

It’s all eggshells and pottery shards in the end. The stuff you want is just stuff. A year from now, you probably won’t even remember you wanted it. One hundred years from now, you’ll be gone, and the stuff will be dirt.

Before you dust rotten eggshells off your designer dress, think about this: you have the potential to leave behind something good and real. You can experience a love that matters and moves you.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good,” is what the Psalmist writes (see Ps. 34:8). That kind of love will root deep into your soul, flood your senses, change the way you see the world.”

-Natalie Lloyd, Paperdoll


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