When was the last time you rested? I don’t mean rest as in when you go to sleep every night. When was the last time you slowed down and took time to do something you loved? When was the last time you slowed down to not only spend time with God, but worship him?

A week ago I read this really good article about resting. The author talked about how important it is to set aside time to just rest and spend time with God. I don’t know about you, but I often forget to do that. It’s not that I don’t want to or don’t have the time, it’s just that I forget. In our society rest isn’t a valued thing. The busier you are, the better. Or so it seems.

I think it’s important to take time to just rest, especially after a busy week of school. John 15:9b says “Abide in my love.” I love that. The thought of abiding God’s love sounds so comforting and restful. For me, resting in God’s love could mean journaling or reading my Bible, or it could even be writing. Doing something that you love that brings you closer to God.

The other day I was reading Paperdoll (if you haven’t already looked at the October issue, go look at it; it has a section of Paperdoll in it!) and this stuck out to me: “Worship is a place where my genuine, reverent love for God meets with an awestruck awareness of His holiness, love, and goodness.” I often forget how important worship is in our daily lives. I love how Natalie describes it; she makes it sound so beautiful and peaceful and joyful because it is! Make sure you spend some time this weekend resting, abiding, and worshiping. It’ll refresh you from the inside out!


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