Dancing in the Storm

Lightning brightens the dark sky for a split second followed by a clap of thunder. Rain is drumming on the ground in a steady beat. Everyone is inside, bundled up in warm blankets with cups of steaming tea in their hands. Except for one girl; she’s outside, in the middle of the storm. Her hair is sopping wet and her clothes are plastered against her chilled skin. Her arms are spread wide and she spins around, dancing. A simple smile on her face.  In the middle of a storm.

Moving to a new country can be hard. Everything about it is different, especially the culture. It’s so easy to get caught up in how different everything is and concentrate on the negative instead of the beautiful. So maybe the country where you live is ridiculously inefficient, but maybe they’re also the best cooks in the world. (if you live in italy, like me, you’re probably nodding your head smiling right now) Don’t wait until you leave a country to realize how amazing it is. Look past your country’s faults to its beautiful people and culture.

It’s much easier to sit inside wrapped up in a comforting blanket instead of venturing out into the “culture storm”. But if you do chose to sit inside, you’ll miss the adventure. Dare to be different, dare to be adventurous. Go dance in that storm!

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